Wanted by the FBI and The Fremont Police Department for Unflawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution & Oral Copulation, Sexual Assault

Frank Joseph Montenegro Jr.
Fremont, California - Incident # 20140040

 Race:    Hispanic
 Gender:    Male
 Height:    5'10"
 Weight:    205
 Hair:    Brown
 Eyes:    Brown
 Age:    54
Montenegro is a bilingual mentor and was employed as an elementary school teacher. Montenegro is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Frank Joseph Montenegro, Jr. is wanted by the Fremont Police Department for alleged sexual abuse of two elementary school students while he was employed as a teacher. The FBI is actively attempting to locate/arrest Montengro for violation of Title 18 U.S.C. Section 1076-Unflawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution. Montenegro is believed to have initially fled the area in July 2001, where his rented vehicle was located in La Paz, Mexico.

If you have any information concerning this person please submit an anonymous tip at www.northerncaliforniamostwanted.org