Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, Oklahoma City, OK. First Degree MURDER 2 counts

Harlon Lee FOSS/AKA: Harold Lee FOSS/AKA: Hawkin Lee FOSS
, - Incident # 20180012

 Race:    White
 Gender:    Male
 Height:    5'9"
 Weight:    230
 Hair:    Bald
 Eyes:    Hazel
 Age:    48

FOSS used great bodily force during the commission of murdering two individuals. FOSS has a lengthy criminal history and has a history of making anti law enforcement statements. FOSS is known to carry firearms and is a outdoorsman/survivalist. FOSS was contacted by law enforcement living in a park in San Francisco in January of 2018 prior to the issuance of the warrant USE EXTREME CAUTION when encountering FOSS.

If you have any information concerning this person please submit an anonymous tip at www.northerncaliforniamostwanted.org