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Isabel Costello
Wanted by the Contra Costa District Attorney's Office for Grand Theft
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Race: Hispanic
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 45
Other: No Known Scars, Marks or Tattoos, Last known address in 2014 was in Bakersfield
Defendant, calling herself Senora Gloria, opened a storefront where she advertised in Spanish language newspapers and radio that she offered religious blessings, palm and card reading and help with everyday problems with life. After she convinced the victims that her religious power was real, she asked clients to bring in eggs to their next consultation. Through sleight of hand she would switch the eggs with a fertilized duck egg and an egg that had a tiny picture of a woman’s face inserted inside it. When she broke the egg open in front of the victims, she told the victims the dead embryo was a sign of bad luck and that the picture of the woman was the person who had paid to put a curse on them. To rid of themselves of the curse, she asked the victims to bring in money at each meeting in order to “cleanse” it and would return it to them. At the final meeting she asked the victims to leave the money as she was too busy to cleanse it that day and she would return it to them at their next meeting. The 31 victims returned to retrieve their money only to find that defendant had abandoned the store and fled. The total loss is over $25,000.